Once again the International Wire and Cable Trade Fair took place at Düsseldorf – Germany, from April 4th to April 8th, 2016.

This important event involved wire specialists and technical experts from worldwide, after all neither industry nor our everyday lives are imaginable without wire and its products. At the same time, industrial progress goes hand by hand with the increasingly requirements to be met by wire and wire products.

In this complex and interesting background, Continuus-Properzi was present, providing its technology for the production of Aluminium, Copper, Lead and Zinc rod wire on a global basis. The product line is complemented by the products offered by the Wire Machinery Division, which includes newly designed drawing lines for high carbon (Logos 2.0 Evolution), stainless steel, and AS wire, as well as complete PC Strand lines, PC Wire lines, and Steel Rope lines. Furthermore in 2014 Properzi has added to its range of production the first Pro-Form (stands for Properzi Forming) Continuous Rotary Extrusion System.

Additionally to the complete range of products, Continuus–Properzi  guarantees to potential clients starting a mutual collaboration (consolidate customers know it very well), numerous benefits listed here:

  • specialized engineering for layouts, foundation drawings, etc., and for tailoring special technical solutions, if requested
  • machinery tailor made and designed for life
  • lowest OpEx (Operational Expenditures)
  • highest OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency)
  • first class components (hydraulic, pneumatic, electrics etc.) and friendly use control system
  • high rod quality and high grade of reparability of the quality
  • flexible machinery
  • unparalleled technical assistance for training, commissioning and start-up

Last but not leastProperzi is available to supply each plant produced on EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) basis so that the Buyer is only minimally involved with the installation, in a few word... our equipment are furnished also on turnkey basis.