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 aluminium - melting and heat holding furnaces | ceba s.r.l.
Aluminium melting and heat holding furnaces are constituted by refractory-made basins, insulated and supported by steel sheets and profiles. The furnace combustion ...

 aluminium melting and holding furnaces -
For melting and holding aluminium, GHI has developed a wide range of own-technology furnaces that can be adapted for specific applications and customer requirements.

 aluminum melting/holding - wesman
ALUMINIUM MELTING AND HOLDING FURNACES. Wesman has a full range of Aluminium Melting and Holding Furnaces up to a capacity of 20 MT to offer to the aluminium ...

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 products › aluminium and non-ferrous metals › melting and ...
Melting and Holding Furnaces. Advanced solutions for aluminium field requirements.

 the melting and holding furnace for aluminium casting.
The melting and holding furnace for aluminium casting. ... produce one ton of ready for casting aluminium, ... Crucible melting and holding furnaces

 dcc | aluminium melting
Main features. Static or tilting-type melting and holding furnaces equipped with a recirculating pump or stirrer; Dry-hearth melting for process flexibility with ...

 holding furnaces - melting solutions
Gas or fuel fired holding furnaces for every casthouse, hydraulic tilting or stationary for alloying, metal treatment and increased productivity.

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