Continuus-Properzi attended the exhibition represented by Gabriele Muscarnera – Sales Manager, who illustrated our Lead Division capabilities and specially «Wide grids from lead strip for punched grids» – Contact us for further information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .





The Iran International Aluminium Conference & Exhibition took place in April 2018.

The exhibition  gathered experts presenting the latest technology, services and products dedicated to the aluminium industry.

Continuus-Properzi, founded in 1947, has been a force in the aluminium industry since 1949 when they pioneered the production of Al rod with the Properzi casting and in-line rolling system! Since then our technology has continued to evolve and Properzi continues to be the industry leader with some 300 complete plants commissioned in more than 50 countries!

Today the company is able to supply a complete range of aluminium plants from the smallest sized for 10,000 tpy to the largest sized for 100,000 tpy. The small and medium plants are equipped with a highly efficient vertical melting furnace called "Vert-Melt", which is also produced by Continuus-Properzi!

The aluminium lines are tailor-made and can be supplied with a very wide range of coilers covering any customer need:

  • The classic 2.5-ton coil package for both European and American standards
  • The jumbo 3-ton coil package for both European and American standards
  • The super-jumbo 3.7-ton coil package with an internal diameter of 780 mm

Continuus-Properzi's experience is not limited to the fabrication of aluminium rod lines but also includes the production of machinery for nonferrous ingot manufacturing. Properzi ingots are produced using the patented Track & Belt System which guarantees numerous benefits such as:

  • repeatable ingot shape and dimensions thereby yielding consistent ingot weight
  • consistent dimensions and shape of the resulting ingot bundles
  • skimming is not required due to the continuous closed mold
  • traceability data engraved on the top surface of each ingot
  • no de-molding problems
  • two straps are, in general, sufficient to secure each bundle

Furthermore, in 2014 Properzi added Continuous Rotary Extrusion technology and equipment to its product offering and this sophisticated technology was officially presented worldwide in June 2016 during the 10th CRU Wire & Cable conference.



The International Wire and Cable Trade Fair took place in Düsseldorf from April 16 to April 20, 2018 involving world-renowned specialists, technical experts and anyone who has something to present related to the wire industry.

In fact, Continuus-Properzi presented its latest innovation: a new process called S.A.M.  (Self-Annealing Microrolling®), based on a specialized Properzi Microrolling® mill, to go from 8 mm copper rod to wire with a minimum size of 1.8 mm. Using the motor's power, the machine reduces the wire diameter but also anneals the wire saving half of the energy required by the traditional rod breakdown operation. Properzi's technical staff introduced it to our appreciated visitors.

The Properzi organization provides unparalleled continuous casting and rolling technology for the production of Aluminium and Copper wire rod on a global basis.  The Copper rod can be produced from either copper cathodes or 100% low quality copper scrap to yield top quality copper rod.  The product line also includes machinery for the production of nonferrous ingots with the Track & Belt system.  The product line is complemented by the offerings of the Wire Machinery Division which include newly designed drawing lines for high carbon, stainless steel, and AS wire, as well as complete PC Strand lines, PC Wire lines, and Steel Rope lines.

Furthermore, in 2014 Properzi added Continuous Rotary Extrusion technology and equipment to its product offering.  It is marketed under the Pro-Form brand name which stands for Properzi Forming.



Continuus-Properzi has participated to the 2nd International Cable & Wire Conference & Exhibition from October  5th to 8th 2017 in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, India.

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METEF 2017

Continuus-Properzi  has successfully participated to Metef 2017 - Verona (Italy), from June 21st to June 24th 2017.