A Green Economy that Began Long Ago – Chapter 1

Collage 1° Post Rev. 1 26.01.21

The term “Green Economy” is often used and many times misused, without knowing its true meaning. It is therefore necessary, for the purposes of this text, to briefly clarify the concept:

Green economy: economic form in which public and private investments aim to reduce carbon emissions and pollution, to increase energy and resource efficiency, to avoid the loss of biodiversity and to conserve the ecosystem (encyclopedia Treccani).

From this neologism, which came into force in 2015, we can start many digressions which, in the case of a company such as Continuus-Properzi, translate into a specific branch of the green economy: Green-tech.  This is defined as clean energy at the service of ecology, even if only in part, making the most of or making use of, clean technologies. The argument is quite vast but what we are interested in highlighting in this article is the presence of this “green” connotation within the Properzi organization before it became an actual topic. The company has always worked hard in the research and study of technology aimed at outlining green-tech in different facets…precisely a green economy that began long ago.

We would therefore like to illustrate the Properzi technology in parallel with some principles/themes that distinguish this type of green economy as they occurred chronologically during the company’s history, as follows:


2008 – Already during the 1980s, Properzi applied a sort of circular economy, systematically reusing resources and eliminating waste in following the logic of a “circular” economy.  In that era, the process fluids used in the first Properzi Casting and Rolling lines for the production of lead strip were, and continue to be, closed-loop circuits so as not to be dispersed into the environment. Moreover, the production waste, namely the lead strip trimmings, was, and continues to be, directly returned to the furnaces for re-melting thereby avoiding any type of process scrap and therefore any waste.

Properzi’s way in the green economy continues; follow us on social media in three parts!

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