A Green Economy that Began Long Ago – Chapter 3


Collage 3° Post Rev. 1 27.01.21


The meaning that Continuus-Properzi gives to this chapter of the green economy is further emphasized through one of its greatest and most celebrated achievements, that is the duration of its equipment (plants) over time.  In fact, there are Properzi lines that date back more than sixty years still in operation today.  Therefore, we like to think that our plants are somehow “green” from the perspective that they can always be revamped and therefore “modernized” at any time.

We are pleased to confirm that even for our older machinery, placed in operation five, six or seven decades ago, we have kept the complete technical file for each piece of equipment including component dimensions, flow rate charts, general drawings, data etc. This is our way of keeping alive all the Properzi equipment that has served or still serves our clients.

Therefore, we can say that in addition to highlighting green business, Continuus-Properzi also displays a green vision which is strongly oriented towards innovation through their research and development.  The job of the R&D department is to optimize the efficiency of Properzi plants making them more and more competitive while continuously limiting their consumption of energy.

2020 – This year we have refined and implemented our Technical Consultancy service – outlined in different solutions: from the basic service via e-mail to the most advanced remote service resulting from the fundamental principles prescribed by Industry 4.0.  After evaluation of existing systems, this service can be applied in order to obtain greater efficiency in consumption, considerable economic savings, and actual improvement in production performance.

To date, our company has invested large sums of capital in the purchase of the latest generation of machine tools, which make use of energy recovery systems and optimally sized refrigerant systems. The combination of these factors along with energy-saving control techniques, for example: evening deactivation and minimized heating phase, guarantee the reduction of energy requirements as well as integrated efficiency.

The machines in our workshop are of different varieties (Hermle C60 V Dynamic, Hermle C40 U Dynamic, FTP Romin, and DMG Mori CTX range 200 CT) and each of them is dedicated to a specific type of operation where they produce the many components which are then assembled in order to build our machines and complete lines.

To conclude, perhaps our company is not completely green according to the current characteristics of the modern Green Economy, but we are proud to declare that we have spanned more than seventy years in which green economy and engineering have interpenetrated one another, thereby defining who we are and what the world has come to know as CONTINUUS-PROPERZI.

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