Main Characteristics

Since the very beginning, in the late 1940s, when Continuus-Properzi began experimenting with lead and lead alloys to transform them through continuous casting and rolling into wire and very narrow strip, we have accumulated a tremendous amount of experience.

This helped us during the 1980s when Properzi collaborated with the Fiat group, specifically Magneti Marelli, to build the first expanded lead metal strip line for the production of automotive battery grids.

Grid production in the market is moving towards the utilization of punched grids requiring a wider lead strip, approximately 320 mm wide.

We have further developed and optimized the Casting and Rolling of wide lead strip (CRSw).

Here are some nominal capacities given in tons per hour (tph) and these capacities refer to the finished strip being collected on the coiler. Also listed is the corresponding wide strip speed in meters per minute (m/min) and the speeds refer to strip thickness = 0.85 mm:

  • 6.0 tph ~ 32 (m/min)
  • 12.0 tph ~ 65 (m/min)
  • 18.0 tph ~ 96 (m/min)

Main Advantages

The Properzi CRS Casting and Rolling Lines provide many benefits and features that are  unmatched in the market:

  • High reliability equipment resulting in numerous cases of OEE values of 92% or even higher
  • Dross free casting machine: the casting machine has been designed to reduce the amount of dross and easily eliminate it from the liquid to avoid any contamination after solidification
  • Casting machine cooling system designed to operate with water from a cooling tower (max. temperature 35°C); there is no need for a chiller as strictly required by other systems
  • High flexibility of the rolling train
  • Coiling section automatically changes collection of the strip from one mandrel to the other
  • Coiler can be configured to work in fully automatic mode for discharge of the lead coils and/or spools


Now Continuus-Properzi is offering a special Technical Services to all Properzi Users that is delineated in three different options:

  1. E-mail Consultancy
  2. Remote Assistance
  3. Technical Audit at Customer’s site

In detail:

E-mail Consultancy – It is a fast “problem solving” approach based on information exchange via e-mail. The Customer will detail the issue to consultancy@properzi.it describing it in detail, clarifying in which specific cases it occurs and adding any meaningful pictures or additional information. Properzi will deploy its dedicated and qualified engineering/process team until problem resolution.

Remote Assistance Service – It is a direct point to point connection between Properzi’s control room and Customer Line PLC. To be used only when the need arises, it allows CP software and process specialists to operate on the Customer PLC in order to introduce any required adjustment/modification either to the software or to the working parameters. To enable the Remote Assistance Service a communication module has to be installed and connected to the Internet.

Technical Audit at Customer site – This requires dispatching Properzi’s specialist/s to site in order to assist the customer in resolving the most critical issues, the ones which cannot be addressed by mail and require Properzi’s physical presence on the Line. The Technical Audit will be quoted on a case by case basis by our Technical Consultancy manager.

With the above very minor investments the Properzi User can obtain:

  • Fast Trouble shooting and relevant remedies
  • Continuous operator(s) training
  • Opportunity for improvement and modernization
  • Quality improvement
  • Total Efficiency improvement
  • Consistent Economic Savings
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