Shaft + Holding
(Cu Cathodes)
Shaft + Holding
(Cu Cathodes)

Main Characteristics

Properzi has a 40 years long experience in designing such furnaces and was the first developer of the pre-mix burner system that today is adopted by all producers.

The cathodes and clean scrap up to 15% can be are loaded automatically and scattered inside the Furnace in order to increase melting efficiency thus reducing fuel consumption and reducing refractory wear as well.

The melting rate and the combustion quality are strictly controlled by Properzi’s state-of-the-art burner combustion system, where the combustion air-to-fuel ratio of each burner guarantees consistent melting at the desired value.


The optimal combustion parameters, so maintained, facilitate optimization of flame quality, negligible dissolved hydrogen (gassy-copper), improved refractory service life and, last but not least, fuel savings. The thermal consumption of a Properzi Shaft Furnace is the lowest in this type of application and the quality of the liquid copper, collected in the Holding Furnace, is suitable for the most severe applications and standards.

Moreover, we provide the maximum flexibility in terms of design, configuration and scope of supply, from just the technological package to a complete supply on an EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) basis so that our customers can be only minimally involved with the installation of the plant. This flexibility is a distinctive characteristic of our Company.

Various Options in Size

    – Production rate: from 5 tph to 10 tph
    – Expected yearly output: from 25,000 to 58,000 tons
    – Production rate: from 12.5 tph to 20 tph
    – Expected yearly output: from 61,000 to 115,000 tons
    – Production rate: from 25 tph to 40 tph
    – Expected yearly output: from 125,000 to 250,000 tons
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