(Cu Scrap)
(Cu Scrap)

Continuous Copper Scrap Refining

When scrap has Cu content ≥97% an even more efficient technology has been developed:

The Vert-Ref System For Copper Scrap Recycling

The new Vert-Ref Process is an evolution of the well-known Cosmelt system supplied in several units by Continuus-Properzi based on 20+ years of experience. It facilitates the melting, slagging, refining and homogenization of copper scrap in a continuous or batch operation in order to obtain molten copper with a controlled content of impurities for the production of copper ingot, copper rod or other copper products.



The Vert-Ref System consists in a special shaft furnace where a skip-hoist machine charge the scrap that is melted and start its refining. At the bottom of the shaft there are one or more refining chambers where additives are added and some slagging done. At the exit from the last chamber the melt has been refined but still too high in oxygen content. The reduction operation is done into the following holding furnace by tuyers or porous plugs. For continuous operation a second holding furnace is needed (in some cases a third one).

Main Advantages

  • Increased thermal efficiency
  • Longer refractory life and very short downtimes
  • Easier slagging and refining
  • Easier fumes filtration
  • Cheaper refining process with less additives
  • Improved final chemistry of the molten copper

Production Range

The Ver-Ref system is very flexible and offers many possibilities taking into consideration that the downstream casters may be continuous or dis- continuous, so dozens of configurations of the production plant can be possible.

The Vert-Ref melting shaft is suggested in the range 5-12 tph while the total annual production may vary form 8.000 up to 40.000 tpy and more with different arrangements of casters for rod, billet, ingot or other products and different number and sizes of the holding/reduction furnaces installed.

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