Main Characteristics

The market must offer ample quantities of either pure zinc or zinc-aluminium (up to 15% Al) alloy wire with precise physical, mechanical and geometrical properties in diameters ranging from 1.2 to 3.2 mm and above.

Continuus-Properzi is strongly present in this market segment, as we have supplied zinc CCR lines ranging from 1 tph up to 5 tph and above to meet our customers’ specific needs.

  • Production rate: 1 tph
  • Expected 5 days/week output: 4,900 t
  • Expected 7 days/week output: 6,600 t

The expected output refers to pure zinc and 48 working weeks per year and 85% OEE.

  • Production rate: 2 tph
  • Expected 5 days/week output: 9,900  t
  • Expected 7 days/week output: 13,000 t

The expected output refers to pure zinc and 48 working weeks per year and 85% OEE.

  • Production rate: 3 tph
  • Expected 5 days/week output: 14,700  t
  • Expected 7 days/week output: 19,600 t

The expected output refers to pure zinc and 48 working weeks per year and 85% OEE.


  • Production rate: 5 tph
  • Expected 5 days/week output: 24,500 t
  • Expected 7 days/week output: 32,700 t

The expected output refers to pure zinc and 48 working weeks per year and 85% OEE.

The above listed lines are configured in order to permit the production of both zinc and zinc alloy wire with minimum modification and with dedicated furnaces. The furnaces used for zinc alloys cannot be used for pure zinc if not meticulously washed.

Main Advantages

Zinc wire and zinc alloy wire is used to apply zinc coatings on steel products in order to protect them against corrosion. Special High Grade (SHG) zinc is of the highest purity (99,995%  according to EN 1179 – “Z1”) and is used in the production of zinc wire and zinc alloy wire.

The application of zinc coatings by spraying is a method of anticorrosive protection.

Metallized  coatings have the following advantages over hot dip galvanizing or electroplating:

  • Possibility to metallize structures at the construction area
  • No dimensional limitations regarding the dimensions of the elements to be coated
  • Possibility to repair/reapply the coating on construction site (welded areas, mechanically damaged areas, etc.
  • High resistance against mechanical defects
  • Thickness can be easily adjusted to suit the operational requirements
  • Eliminates the risk of thermal deformations of the protected elements


Now Continuus-Properzi is offering a special Technical Services to all Properzi Users that is delineated in three different options:

  1. E-mail Consultancy
  2. Remote Assistance
  3. Technical Audit at Customer’s site

In detail:

E-mail Consultancy – It is a fast “problem solving” approach based on information exchange via e-mail. The Customer will detail the issue to consultancy@properzi.it describing it in detail, clarifying in which specific cases it occurs and adding any meaningful pictures or additional information. Properzi will deploy its dedicated and qualified engineering/process team until problem resolution.

Remote Assistance Service – It is a direct point to point connection between Properzi’s control room and Customer Line PLC. To be used only when the need arises, it allows CP software and process specialists to operate on the Customer PLC in order to introduce any required adjustment/modification either to the software or to the working parameters. To enable the Remote Assistance Service a communication module has to be installed and connected to the Internet.

Technical Audit at Customer site – This requires dispatching Properzi’s specialist/s to site in order to assist the customer in resolving the most critical issues, the ones which cannot be addressed by mail and require Properzi’s physical presence on the Line. The Technical Audit will be quoted on a case by case basis by our Technical Consultancy manager.

With the above very minor investments the Properzi User can obtain:

  • Fast Trouble shooting and relevant remedies
  • Continuous operator(s) training
  • Opportunity for improvement and modernization
  • Quality improvement
  • Total Efficiency improvement
  • Consistent Economic Savings
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