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 continuus properzi spa
For the presentation of the Properzi CRWS Casting & Rolling Line for Lead Wide Strip, 6.0 tph capacity, held succesfully on 17th and 18th January. Now available more details and pictures, please contact us:

 ricerche simili - properzi
CONTINUUS-PROPERZI S.P.A. - Company data Via Emilia Km 310, 26858 Sordio - LO - ITALY Phone +39-02-9884921 - Fax +39-02-9810358 - - VAT Number 00771600152

 continuus properzi spa - about us
1979 – The Microrolling® mill was designed for a variety of rolling applications in both the ferrous and nonferrous sectors, and for cold rolling and hot rolling operations. 1980 – Continuous Casting System for the production lead strip for the automotive battery industry. 1992 – New concept of nonferrous ingots: continuous Ingot Casting ...

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 wide strip casting and rolling line - sovema group
SOVEMA WIDE STRIP CASTING AND ROLLING LINE The proven technology outperforming all others. The strength of materials depends on the size of the crystals: the smaller the crystal dimensions, the higher the material strength. The cold-rolling process, based on re-crystallization, gives the lead strip small crystal dimensions (approx. 50 µ).

 wide strip casting and rolling line - sovema group
Sovema’s Wide Strip Casting and Rolling line is composed of the following main parts: the lead melting furnaces, the casting unit, the rolling mills and the twin coiling system. The lead melting furnaces (3 lead pots) are used for the preparation of the lead which feeds the machine. The first pot is used for lead melting chads and

 cn202316510u - lead alloy strip continuous casting and ...
The utility model relates to a lead alloy strip continuous casting and rolling production line which comprises a sealed lead furnace, a lead alloy strip casting machine, a continuous rolling machine and a slitting machine, wherein the lead alloy is melted into lead alloy liquid in the sealed lead furnace, the lead alloy liquid is made to flow into the lead alloy strip casting machine so as to ...

 wirtz strip casting and rolling mill system - wirtz ...
Wirtz Manufacturing is the industry leader in continuous grid making equipment. The Wirtz Patented continuous punched positive technology will allow customers the ability to make the highest quality positive plate. The Wirtz strip casting and rolling mill system was designed to produce the continuous strip for a continuous grid making system.

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