Ingot Lines

Main Characteristics

For many years ingots have been produced with the traditional mould chain and such ingots are referred to as “Open Top Ingots” in the market.

Although many improvements have been made over the years, several problems related to the general design concept remain unresolved.

The recently patented Properzi Track & Belt Ingot Casting Machine Model 1 and Model 2 transform the molten metal into a continuous cast straight bar of trapezoidal shape with total repeatability. This cast bar is cut into ingots of precise length by a rotary shear.
The ingots are then cooled in line to a temperature of 70-80°C in order to allow the palletization and strapping operations with plastic or steel straps.


The Track & Belt process is gaining wide acceptance in many countries from Italy to Mexico, from Poland to Russia and China. We have also enjoyed repeated orders from an esteemed client (Italy) with five (5) machines ordered, all in production! The Properzi T&B Ingot Casting Lines can work either in continuous operation reaching an Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) exceeding 90% or on a batch basis as requested by most refineries of aluminium scrap.

Main Advantages

The advantages of Continuus-Properzi’s Ingots are:

• 100% repeatable shape, dimensions and weight
• Consistent dimensions and shape of ingot bundles with high stability
• 25% less space required for storage
• The cast bar is solidified with zero cracks and no dangerous voids
• Skimming is not required
• Traceability data engraved
• Zero de-molding problems
• Minimum number of straps needed

Various Options

Ingots can be of 8.5, 10.0 or 15.0 kg always having a maximum length of 720 mm but it is also possible to produce ingots with a length of 600 mm with different relative weights. Different plant configurations can provide ingot production rates ranging from 10 tph or higher for secondary alloys up to 28 tph for pure aluminium.
Lines to produce ingots of special size and weight tailored to customer needs are available upon request. Properzi is also able to supply such plants on an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) basis so that the buyer is only minimally involved with the installation of the plant.

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