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GIFA 2019

We thanks our customers and visitors who stayed with us during GIFA 2019. If you should need further details on Properzi technology, please contact us: See you soon!

Continuous Casting Rod FRHC Copper Line (CCR Cu Line)

Continuus-Properzi produces CCR Cu lines for FRHC using 100% scrap from 10,000 tpy to 80,000 tpy and above

Continuus-Properzi Copper Furnaces

Refining Furnaces (100% copper scrap) ------–-------------------- Vertical Furnaces --------------------------- Holding Furnaces

Continuus-Properzi Aluminium Furnaces

Melting Furnace "Vert-Melt" and Holding Furnace

Continuous Casting Rod Aluminium Line (CCR Al Line)

Continuus-Properzi produces CCR lines for Al and Al alloys from 10,000 tpy to 100,000 tpy

Track & Belt (T & B) Ingot Casting Line

Continuus-Properzi produces T & B Ingot lines for primary and secondary Aluminium alloys ingots and also for Copper, Lead and Zinc

Properzi Ingot

Ingot produced with Continuous Casting Track & Belt system for primary and secondary Aluminium alloys

Continuous Rolling Strip Lead Line (CRS Pb Line)

Continuus-Properzi produces CRS Narrow & Wide Strip lines for Pb from 2 tph to 10 tph and above

Continuous Casting Rod Zinc Line (CCR Zn Line)

Continuus-Properzi produces CCR lines for Zn from 1 tph up to 5 tph and above

Pro-Form Continuous Extrusion Machinery

Continuus-Properzi produces Pro-Form machines with wheel diameter of 300 mm – 420 mm – 500 mm and above for cladding, solid cable, profiles, bus bar, tube, multiport tube. The equipment presented above is installed now in our factory for trials

Skip Stranding Line For Low Relaxation Prestressed Concrete Strand (LRPC)

Continuus-Properzi produces LRPC lines having bobins size of: 900 mm – 1,000 mm – 1,120 mm – 1,250 mm

Microrolling® Mill Process

Continuus-Properzi Microrolling® Mills are used to roll rod from 12 mm down to 1.8 mm, for the following materials: High Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Tool Steel, CO₂ Wire, Flux Cored Wire, Cu, Cu alloys, Al alloys and many more

Self Annealed Cu Wire Microrolling® Mill

Continuus-Properzi rolling mill has been used as breakdown machinery for processing copper rod from 8 mm down to 1.8 mm or 2 mm without annealing. The big advantage... enormous energy savings!

Continuous Casting Rod ETP Copper Line (CCR Cu Line)

Continuus-Properzi produces CCR Cu lines for ETP from 30,000 tpy to 240,000 tpy and above

For the presentation of the Properzi CRWS Casting & Rolling Line for Lead Wide Strip, 6.0 tph capacity,

held succesfully on 17th and 18th January. Now available more details and pictures, please contact us:

Continuus Properzi spa