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We are Metals

Our history is made of metals, ideas and inventions that have led us for over 70 years of technical innovations.

This is who we are.


Continuus-Properzi the engineering company internationally well-known, has developed and accumulated the longest worldwide experience and relevant know-how regarding complete ETP or FRHC Lines, from furnaces to coiler, for the copper rod and wire industry.


Over the years Continuus-Properzi, starting from the seed planted by Eng. Ilario Properzi in 1947, has developed an extensive portfolio of CCR Line configurations to satisfy all market requirements in terms of capacity (from 1.5 t/h to 15 t/h) and alloy range (1xxx, 2xxx, 3xxx, 4xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx and 8xxx series).


The Properzi CRS Casting and Rolling Lines provide many benefits and features that are unmatched in the market:

• High reliability equipment resulting in numerous cases of OEE values of 92% or ever higher.


The market must offer ample quantities of either pure zinc or zinc-aluminium (up to 15% Al) alloy wire with precise physical, mechanical and geometrical properties in diameters ranging from 1.2 to 3.2 mm and above.

Our Skills


Each project is designed and produced by addressing every customer requirement. All lines are developed by the Properzi Team. If it doesn’t already exist, we will design it for you!

High Quality

With countless lines commissioned all over the world and some in operation for more than 60 years,  we define Properzi’s high quality equipment as: innovative, durable, excellent value, best delivery time… and much more!

Made in Italy

Made in Italy means excellence in Research and Development, Technology, and Engineering Services. All these “made in Italy” products are concentrated within our equipment and spare parts that are delivered all over the world.

Energy Savings

Continuus-Properzi places its technical background and engineering aptitude at the service of our customers, allowing us to move forward with innovative ideas resulting in energy savings through the application of specialized know-how. This allows our customers to make high quality products while benefitting from lower operational costs.

Huge Return on Investment

Our company guarantees huge savings to all our customers. From the engineering study through the patented processes of our lines, Continuus-Properzi ensures enormous economic advantages that can be further improved through our technical assistance, the flagship of our company.

Technical Consultancy Team

Our Team of Experts, which includes electrical/automation engineers and mechanical/process engineers, is always available by email, remote assistance and on-site assistance. Placing yourself in the hands of our Technical Consultancy Team is priceless and provides significant economic savings!

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