Industrial Automation


The Properzi program supporting the transition of Users’ facilities to digital factories. The IULIUS 4.0 package has been enriched and has become even more performant with the addition of highly effective two new releases, contact us for more details: [email protected]

Industry 4.0 has rapidly changed the way companies purchase capital equipment, from the perspective of automation, data collection and digitisation.
Of course, objectives such as maximum performance parameters, output per unit of time, equipment efficiency, operating and maintenance costs over time, etc. are still key priorities.
Since the advent of Industry 4.0, Properzi has developed the IULIUS 4.0 System, a complete combination and integration of Automation and Supervision subsystems, to offer a complete set of very specific functions for our plants, designed to provide highly effective support in achieving company and plant performance targets, and an unparalleled response to the needs of Industry 4.0.


The IULIUS 4.0 program currently consists of features divided into two main groups:

Iulius 4.0 ready

IULIUS 4.0 Ready identifies the set of basilar functionalities that are normally supplied as a standard in the new plants.

However these ones are also available for being also implemented in the existing plants, through a revamping of its automation system, which is studied case by case as a function of its age and the degree of obsolescence.

The IULIUS 4.0 Ready configuration is featured with:

  • Automation with high speed fieldbus and network communications, for demanding real-time controls and large amount of data exchanges
  • Local Wi-Fi connectivity, for easiest access to the programming of the devices (i.e. PLCs, HMIs, drives) from any point of the plant during maintenance
  • Access to the HMI pages from the on-site mobile of the operator, for monitoring the plant status, also from points not close to the main control desks positions
  • Remote Assistance through Internet connectivity, for availability of quick support from Properzi in case of need


The IULIUS 4.0 Advanced package  identifies the set of advanced functionalities, available in option, all together or in some part, depending from the customer’s preference.

The package is featured with:

  • Supply of a SCADA (Supervision Control And Data Acquisition) system, in single or multiple stations, upon Customer’s preference
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicators) dashboards regarding Production, Quality, Maintenance and Energy, on the SCADA pages
  • Accessibility though Internet to the HMIs, SCADA and KPI pages from the End-user managers’ mobiles
  • Automatic transmission of emails with warnings and reports on these mobiles
  • KPIs and process data saving on a dedicated SQL Server database, provided with powerful searching and filtering functionalities
  • Data exchanging interface with the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) of the customer, concerning order / production plans and degree of completion

Through this package they are essentially captured and recorded all of the data essential to the concerned process, provided ready-made KPIs dashboards, reports, emails, databases and interfaces ready made for the End user IT system’s developers, to  drastically reduce resources, costs, and time to integrate the Properzi Line in the End user’s digital factory.

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