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"Directly from molten metal and in one minute", this was the goal of the late Ilario Properzi (1897 – 1976) when gave birth to the Continuous Casting and direct rod Rolling technique that changed an entire industry worldwide...

1947 - CONTINUUS PROPERZI, Milan Italy, was founded in 1947 by Ilario Properzi (Mordica Award 1973) the inventor and the promoter of the Continuous Casting (wheel and belt) and direct Rolling process (CCR) for all nonferrous rod, and still is unanimously considered the world leader in the field of CCR lines for nonferrous rod.
1949 - The Continuous casting method which stated with was extended to the production of Al rod. It was produced the first CCR Line for producing Al rod.
1963 - Properzi extended the method to the production of the copper rod. The first machine produced copper rod at rate of 10 T/h.   
1979 – The Microrolling® mill was designed for a variety of rolling applications in both the ferrous and nonferrous sectors, and for cold rolling and hot rolling operations.
1980 – Continuous Casting System for the production lead strip for the automotive battery industry.
1992 – New concept of nonferrous ingots: continuous Ingot Casting Lines.
1999 – The WMD – Wire Machinery Division is created from the acquisition of the R.T.M. Redaelli Tecna Meccanica (Italy) - O.T.T. (France) including the following range of machines: Low and high carbon wire, Hi bond wire, LRPC Wire, LRPC Strand, Wire for Steel Cord, Bead Wire, Staple wire, Welding wire, Spring wire, Stainless steel wire, AS Wire (Alumoclad), Steel wire rope, bring and galvanized.
2001 - The activities, know-how and technologies of the French Company CLECIM, previously known under the name of SPIDEM and SECIM, was acquired by Continuus-Properzi.
This new attainment provided relevant technologies for the casting and rolling process for the rod production.
2004 – The latest development of the casting machine has changed its shape in order to produce best ingots at the highest rate: welcome to the new Track & Belt.
2010 – The new generation Refining Furnace with a patented loading system from the top.

2016 – Continuous Extrusion Line Pro-Form (Properzi Forming); a plurality of Profiles and Aluminium-Clad Steel (ACS) Wire with this innovative machine

Continuus-Properzi is capable of supplying all the main equipment necessary for the production of ACSR/AW including the CCR Line for producing AL rod, the Drawing Machine for high carbon steel, the Pro-Form, the Drawing Machine for ACSR wire and finally the Stranding Machinery.


2016 - Self annealed copper wire Microrolling® Mill.

… new story for Microrolling®!

This versatile rolling mill has been used as breakdown machinery for processing copper rod from 8 mm down to 1.8 mm or 2 mm without annealing. The energy saving is enormous!






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