Continuus-Properzi is proud to announce the signature of two contracts with ARZYZ METALS located 30 km north of Monterrey, Mexico for two Properzi Track & Belt Ingot Casting Lines for Foundry Aluminium Alloys with a capacity of 15 tph each.

ARZYZ METALS is a company specialized (since 1980) in the production and commercialization of non-ferrous alloys serving various industry sectors.

The Track & Belt system bought by ARZYZ METALS allows the production of ingots with a nominal dimension and weight of 10 kg.

The “Properzi ingots” have the following advantageous characteristics:

  • – 100% repeatable shape, dimensions and weight
  • – Consistent dimensions and shape of ingot bundles with high stability 25% less space required for storage
  • – The cast bar is solidified with zero cracks and no dangerous voids Skimming is not required
  • – Traceability data mechanically imprinted on each ingot
  • – Zero de-molding problems
  • – Minimum number of straps needed to secure each ingot bundle

Different plant configurations can provide ingot production rates ranging from 10 tph or higher for secondary alloys up to 28 tph for pure aluminium.

Properzi is also willing to supply such plants on an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) basis so that the buyer is only minimally involved with the installation of the plant.

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