Our first participation at WIRE DUSSELDORF is lost in memory! Back then, there was no internet or Wi-Fi connections or even social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and WhatsApp, but there was the interest and the desire to ‘show’ Properzi technology to the world… and live!

Even today in 2024 we are not afraid to declare the same energy and desire to be always present in the “world of wire” with our technology, which continues to advance like the wire produced by our plants, because there is no future without Properzi wire!

During this edition of WIRE & TUBE 2024, we were pleased to greet old and new costumers and organised an important EVENT INSIDE THE EVENT, namely, the presentation of the New E-Vision System, the optical projector that represents a technological advancement in the rolls calibration.

The event took place over two days in which we demonstrated the functioning of the projector by calibrating a laminating unit on site. The practical demonstration was carried out by our specialized technician Mr. Alessandro Bergamaschi, who together with Mr. Massimo Bigliani, has followed from the very beginning the design of this new projector by our in-house office. The theoretical part, on the other hand, was illustrated by Engineer Valerio Zanelletti, Head of the Spare Parts Department, who can give you further details and information by writing to [email protected].

The event aroused considerable interest as it compared traditional and New E-Vision System calibration, presenting the great advantages and clarifying possible doubts.

For those who did not have the opportunity to attend the event, there are 2 videos available which illustrate the main advantages of the new version and which we can share if requested. We thank everyone for their heartfelt participation and are always available to continue enthusiastically sharing our technology with all of you, as we did 77 years ago!