New Sale in the Properzi Lead Battery Division: one new CRSw line with a capacity of 12 t/h of 340 mm wide strip corresponding to a rolled strip speed of ~ 65 m/min has been sold in the Middle-East area.

The Properzi CRS & CRSw Casting and Rolling lines provide the following benefits and features that are unmatched in the market:

  1. 1. High reliability equipment resulting in numerous cases of OEE values of 92% or higher
  2. 2. User friendly equipment fully adjustable
  3. 3. Dross free casting machine: the casting machine has been designed to reduce the amount of dross and easily eliminate it from the liquid to avoid any contamination after solidification
  4. 4. Casting machine cooling system designed to operate with water from a cooling tower (max. temperature 35 °C); there is no need for a chiller as strictly required by other systems
  5. 5. High flexibility of the rolling train
  6. 6. Coiling Section automatically changes collection of the strip from one mandrel to the other. Coiler can be configured to work in fully automatic mode for discharge of the lead coils and/or spools
  7. 75 years of experience in the continuous casting and rolling of non ferrous materials and the Properzi continuous improvement approach resulting in the State-of-the-Art  casting and rolling strip line for punched grids application.
  8. The possible capacities and configurations can vary according to your needs, please contact us for further information: [email protected].