The ALUBAR GROUP is the largest manufacturer of aluminium electricalcables in Latin America; they are located precisely in the municipality of Barcarena, state of Pará – Brasil. The company manufactures aluminium rod and alloys, bare and insulated aluminium cables for power transmission and distribution as well as low and medium voltage copper cables for power distribution in industrial and civil construction applications.

Approximately 20 years ago Continuus-Properzi started collaborating with Alubar and sold them their first aluminium wire rod line.

This strong and profitable business relationship has recently been reinforced as Properzi will supply yet another Continuous Casting and Rolling line for the production of aluminium alloy – AA1120. With this equipment Alubar Metais e Cabos S.A. will increase their production capacity by approximately 30,000 tons per year thereby confirming their supremacy in the Brazilian market and South America. The line will be definitively in production by the end of 2018/beginning of 2019.

Supplying a new plant for the production of a nonferrous commodity is not only Properzi’s core business but also signifies our responsibility to ensure the equipment is accompanied by Aftersale Service during the start-up and commissioning of the plant and for many years to come thereby creating a real marriage with the customer. This is what we are proud to offer Alubar!