NPA SKAWINA, now part of BORYSZEW Group (one of the thirty largest companies of the Warsaw Stock Exchange), is a very experienced and advanced producer of aluminium rod, wires, and cables for the world’s largest producers in the field of energy, automotive, household appliances and foodstuff markets.

The cooperation between Continuus-Properzi and NPA Skawina started in the 1960s during the Iron Curtain age with the installation of the first Properzi Line and has continued with the addition of two other Properzi Lines.

NPA Skawina is implementing a project titled: “Development of innovative technology for the production of wire rods of high-strength aluminium alloys of 2xxx, 5xxx, 7xxx series”, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, with the aim to produce the widest range of aluminium alloys rod in the world and to research new types of alloys. For this purpose, NPA Skawina required the most advanced technical solutions in this field and selected the best available technology.

We are glad to announce that NPA Skawina has selected Continuus-Properzi as both the best technical and the best commercial offering for their new project, and they have purchased the fourth Properzi Line for their plant in Skawina – Poland.

The new supply includes a complete Properzi Line starting from the Properzi Vert-Melt Furnace (see the following link for more details:, two holding furnaces, a degassing and filtering unit, and the Aluminium Continuous Casting & Rolling line designed to produce up to 25,000 tpy of high-strength aluminium alloys rod.

We are sure that this new Properzi Line will represent a benchmark for several years in this field and will allow NPA Skawina to produce the widest range of castable aluminium alloys for energy, automotive, aeronautic, and military applications.