We at Properzi are always very attentive to social issues and we are particularly keen to be increasingly present in our territory, where our headquarters is located, the province of Lodi.

Making a donation means being an active and participatory citizen, doing your part so that more people can access a more dignified life in every sense.

Making donations in the cultural field is a different way of giving and being present, nourishing not only the body but also the spirit.

Here is the motivation that our President Eng. Giulio Properzi gave explaining why he wanted to contribute with a donation to this event:

“Continuus-Properzi is an engineering company, world leader in the design and production of systems for the metallurgy of non-ferrous metals, and we have been in Sordio since 1956.

Our work leads us to use scientific and technological knowledge in the design and resolution of application problems. However, it is my opinion that knowledge must be “complete” and not limited to the scientific field, therefore, I believe that art in all its forms perfects the cultural background through the stimulation of socio-political dialogue, acting as a catalyst for reflection and discussion.

Through the exhibition RELIGIOSO AMORE – BERGOGNONE IN LODI not only will art be exalted, but those emotions and thoughts that are difficult to express with verbal communication alone will be explored.

This event specifically allows the Properzi name to be present once again in the Lodi area, supporting and emphasizing “Italian excellence” in all its facets, be they engineering, technical, creative or cultural.”

The exhibition will be inaugurated on Friday 9th in Lodi at the Maria Cosway Foundation – Via Paolo Gorini, 10 and it will be possible to visit it until 14.04.24.