Since the late 1940s, Continuus-Properzi has been pioneering the transformation of lead and lead alloys into wire and narrow strips through continuous casting and rolling. This extensive experience proved invaluable in the 1980s when Properzi partnered with the Fiat group, particularly Magneti Marelli, to construct the first expanded lead metal strip line for producing automotive battery grids. The knowledge accumulated over decades has empowered us to continuously improve. Recently, we finalized the sale of another CRSw Casting and Rolling Strip line for wide lead strip for punched applications in the Middle East. This Wide Strip line can manufacture 12 tph of 340 mm wide strip at a rolling speed of 65 m/min for 0.85 mm thick strip. We also offer technology for plants with capacities ranging from 6 to 18 tph, with the option for higher capacities upon request. The newly sold line is completely automated, from Lead Ingots charging in the Furnace Area to the Strip Coils collection, all while incorporating Properzi’s eco-friendly design for 100% production scraps recycling. Our technology aligns with “green” practices, emphasizing material recycling as a key focus area.