Continuus-Properzi is very proud to announce the successful commissioning of the 6,0 tph capacity Casting and Rolling Wide Strip line CRSW at TYUMEN BATTERY FACTORY LLC  – Russia.

The plant, located in the City of Tyumen – Siberia consist of:

  • – One set of n° 3 furnaces to melt the lead ingots and lead scraps coming from the punching process
  • – One Wheel and Belt Properzi casting machine ® to continuously cast the liquid lead
  • – One Cast Bar shear to cut the cast bar
  • – One Rolling train with independent motors
  • – One trimming unit to cut the strip to the desired final width
  • – One automatic double coiler

With the Continuus-Properzi State-of-The-Art equipment, TYUMEN is confident to enter into new challenging markets. For more information, please contact our commercial department: [email protected].