What we require

Diploma in Mechanical Expert or equivalent (IFP)
Experience > 5-10 years (linked to experience)
Knowledge of machine tools, both 5-axis multitasking machining centers and traditional 3-axis or only visualized CNCs
Knowledge of mechanical drawing, both details and assemblies
Knowledge of tools and equipment including “zero points”
Ability to operate “unmanned” and/or on multiple Machine Tools
Knowledge of measuring and testing instruments for process control
Knowledge of Accident Prevention and Personal Protective Equipment regulations. (Lgs.81-2008 and subsequent decrees)
Knowledge of ISO45001 – 9001 Integrated Management System for Safety, Health, Environment and Quality

Functions & responsibilities

Figure inserted in an environment specialized in jobs. Mech. to a job order with low repeatability of the pieces which will be responsible for milling - boring - drilling with M. 3 and 5 axis CNC tools or visualized, as needed. Furthermore, you may be called upon to use 5-axis milling machines

Performs set up and commissioning of the department's machine(s), preparing the necessary tools and their Pre-Set

Reads the mechanical drawings, operates the machine based on the required machining and in-process control cycles, recording them promptly

Checks the functioning of the Machine Tools, the Quality and conformity of the piece being processed by recording it in the control sheet, operates in accordance with Legislative Decree 81+Legislative Decree. Implementation and what is required by the S.G.I. ISO45001-9001 relating to Safety, Health, Environment and Quality, reports waste/anomalies/alarms that arise during processing

Performs work cycle control, checks geometric and/or programming errors, applies procedures for their solution

Performs ordinary maintenance and reports extraordinary ones

Performs, in hidden time, control and adjustment activities on pieces based on drawing dimensions and tolerances, recording it