Copper FRHC
Copper FRHC Rod Lines

Main Characteristics

One of the best evergreen achievements that we wish to present is the technology to resurrect copper scrap, with a controlled quantity of impurities, into new copper products.

The term “copper scrap” is a general indication that encompasses all types of scrap from bright and clean copper scrapped in the drawing shop (which is very near to cathode purity) to old scrap, coming from demolition, which is very polluted with a minimum copper content of around 93%.

Continuus-Properzi solutions for producing Fire Refined High Conductivity (FRHC) copper depends on the kind and qualities of scrap available to each Customer.

There are three types of Continuus-Properzi processes for the production of FRHC copper:

  • Process  No. 1 is based on one reverberatory furnace usually feeding a rod line or a slab caster during approximately one shift per day – 1st class (CU › 99%), 2nd class (CU › 96%) and 3rd class (CU › 93%).
  • Process  No. 2 is based on a vertical (shaft) furnace and two holding refining furnaces feeding a rod line 24 hour/day – 1st class (CU › 99%) and 2nd class (CU › 96%).
  • Process No. 3 is based on a reverberatory furnace usually feeding an ingot line during approximately one shift per day. Ingots are then diluted with cathodes in a shaft furnace for ETP rod production – 1st class (CU › 99%) and 2nd class (CU › 96%).
  • No. 1 Batch Process with maximum refining – Copper scrap mix ≥ 93%, expected yearly output:
    from 12,000 t to 75,000 t.
  • No. 2 Continuous Process with limited refining – Copper scrap ≥ 97%, expected yearly output:
    from 25,000 t to 100,000 t.
  • No. 3 Batch Process  with limited refining – Copper scrap ≥ 96%, expected yearly output:
    from 12,000 t. to 24,000 t.

The rod produced meets the requirements of the International standard.

Main Advantages

  • Highest worldwide percentage of premium quality
  • Highest rod quality for FRHC (Fire-Refined High-Conductivity), exceeding the reference standards
  • Rod quality repeatable and constant
  • Widest range of commercial Cu Rod diameters
  • Maximum flexibility in processing Cu scrap, even of low quality
  • Increased mechanical properties using the 2-Roll Rolling Process in the Roughing Mill
  • Best geometrical quality using the 3-Roll Rolling Process in the Finishing Mill
  • Perfect coil shape in both concentric and orbital types

Properzi has worked very hard during the last 50+ years to be able to supply FRHC copper rod plants that match the best combination of OEE, CapEx and OpEx.

The company can also supply a combined system that produces both ETP and FRHC copper rod.


Now Continuus-Properzi is offering a special Technical Services to all Properzi Users that is delineated in three different options:

  1. E-mail Consultancy
  2. Remote Assistance
  3. Technical Audit at Customer’s site

In detail:

E-mail Consultancy – It is a fast “problem solving” approach based on information exchange via e-mail. The Customer will detail the issue to describing it in detail, clarifying in which specific cases it occurs and adding any meaningful pictures or additional information. Properzi will deploy its dedicated and qualified engineering/process team until problem resolution.

Remote Assistance Service – It is a direct point to point connection between Properzi’s control room and Customer Line PLC. To be used only when the need arises, it allows CP software and process specialists to operate on the Customer PLC in order to introduce any required adjustment/modification either to the software or to the working parameters. To enable the Remote Assistance Service a communication module has to be installed and connected to the Internet.

Technical Audit at Customer site – This requires dispatching Properzi’s specialist/s to site in order to assist the customer in resolving the most critical issues, the ones which cannot be addressed by mail and require Properzi’s physical presence on the Line. The Technical Audit will be quoted on a case by case basis by our Technical Consultancy manager.

With the above very minor investments the Properzi User can obtain:

  • Fast Trouble shooting and relevant remedies
  • Continuous operator(s) training
  • Opportunity for improvement and modernization
  • Quality improvement
  • Total Efficiency improvement
  • Consistent Economic Savings
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