Properzi Company
Properzi Company

The past

Engineer Ilario Properzi (1897-1976), inventor and promoter of continuous casting and direct rolling for non-ferrous metal, founded Continuus-Properzi S.p.A in 1947. This new melting and rolling technology has completely revolved the industry world of non-ferrous wire rods allowing unimaginable developments in the sectors of transmission, distribution and communication of electricity. Since then the wire rod on the market was called Properzi-Rod. One of the first Continuus-Properzi Continuous Casting and Rolling Line (CCR) has been exhibited since 1958 at the Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology in Milano (Italy), and refreshed in 2015. Currently, 30% of the CCR copper lines and over 95% of the aluminium lines worldwide, excluding China are from Continuus-Properzi Company.

The present

Nowadays Continuus-Properzi is a pure company of engineering and its specialized know-how is tailor made on Customer’s requirements. Eng. Giulio Properzi, Ilario’s son, is the creative and engineering mind on which the entire production of the company is based. The company has always been committed to offering its customers technical and technological solutions of absolute excellence in quality and innovation as Microrolling®, Track & Belt caster and Vert-Ref Furnaces among others. Now we are driving our customers in Industry 4.0 this has translated into having recently developed features for new plants and upgrading options for existing ones aimed at responding to the specific needs of managers who have operational responsibilities. This allows these managers to be updated in real time and to react in a timely and decisive manner in order to obtain the best possible results.

The future

We happily face the future as an indefinite time, which allow us to concentrate our efforts in the Research & Development and in the improvement in our equipment, services and assistance.
In the future, we see the possibility to show how a family company growth facing new challenge in a continuous cooperation with our customers in a kind of family tie.

Our mission

Continuus-Properzi’s team always put our clients at the top the business-pyramid, we all believe in our potentiality and in the consciousness we can give more.
We owe it to all the people who have had faith in us for more than 70+ years, fully aware that the passion for our job is our strength, which drive us to a continuous growth, pushing our technological innovation at the highest level… always at your service, Continuus-Properzi…. A family passion!