Aluminium Furnaces


Taking advantage of 30+ years of experience with Shaft furnaces, only Continuus-Properzi can offer today a precise answer to precise market demand that is the Vert-Melt family.

Today, large Aluminium CCR rod lines in the modern globalized world may require a Furnaces Set (Melting and Holding) with production rates above 5.0 tph up to 8.0 tph and more and at the same time a modest investment cost, a compact lay-out, low maintenance and low gas consumption.

The charging system is very reliable and permits loading either ingot bundles or compressed bundles of pure aluminium scraps.

The charging system is equipped with the following safety devices:

– Overload protection, to prevent operation exceeding the maximum charging load admissible
– Surrounding protections properly interlocked
– A closed circuit TV and camera system monitors the charge position inside the Shaft

The advantage of this continuous charging system is that heat loss is minimal and the furnace walls are subjected to any thermal shock.


Metal losses are three times less and even more compared with a Reverberatory Furnace (1.5% against 4.5%)It does not need sophisticated and energy wasting stirring systems nor delicate maintenance, and spare parts for regenerative burners and tabular aluminaPossibility of continuous alloys production feeding two Holding Furnaces: one for alloying practices and one to feed the casting machine
The skip charging machine is almost automaticVery high production rateLow emissions
Constant melting rate not disturbed by charging operationEasy operability and low maintenanceEnergy efficiency higher than any Reverberatory Furnace with regenerative burners (-25%)

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