Continuous Rotary Extrusion

Main Characteristics

The new rotary extrusion machinery has been branded under the name Pro-Form, which stands for Properzi Forming.
This technology was acquired years ago and during this time the detailed design has been updated.
The first Pro-Form machine is now operating with short production runs of special profiles and semi-industrial runs with different solidal conductors.

The range of applications is almost infinite whereas the major ones include:

• Al alloy rod direct from cast bar
• Cladding of steel wire with       aluminium
• Solidal cables and conductors
• Al alloys profiles
• Cu profiles
• Al bus-bars
• Cu bus-bars
• Al tubes and multiport tubes

The new Pro-Form is equipped with a 300 mm wheel and motorized for producing a wide range of products. It is currently conducting tests on specialty profiles starting from Al and/or Cu rod.
The Pro-Form range of machinery will soon include 420 mm and 500 mm wheel diameters.

Various Options

Regarding aluminium-clad steel (ACS) wire, Continuus-Properzi is the only company that can offer all the machinery involved in the entire ACS wire manufacturing process, which includes:

  • CCR Al rod line
  • Pro-Form line
  • Steel Rod Drawing Machine
  • Wire Drawing Machine for processing the ACS wire
  • Pay-offs and Take-ups
  • Wire Stranding Machine if required
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